We invite you to join one of our favorite holiday traditions. After a magical snowfall, a hidden Mailbox from the North Pole will appear. It’s your job to find it! Using clues within our Secret Poem you’ll have just 5 days to search historic Old Wethersfield.

Be sure to bring a letter for Santa. Kiddos who find the Magic Mailbox will get a letter back. Behind the scenes you’ll get a chance to review and approve a return letter to your child(ren) making it a truly unique and personalized experience.

Registration for 2022 is now closed.

Reopening Fall 2023.

Cost for registration is pay-as-you-can based with a recommended amount of $10 per child. All monies collected will benefit the Letters to Santa Old Wethersfield Experience.

Each registered household will receive a Secret Packet including instructions and one (1) Secret Poem. Your packet will also include one (1) ‘Official Ticket’ for each child registered in your home.

You will receive your Secret Packet within 2-3 weeks after registration closes.

Turning in your child’s Official Ticket is required to receive a return letter back. Letters received in the Mailbox without an Official Ticket will not be opened.